GOATs of the Metaverse

05 Aug 2022-03:00 pm (UTC)

GOATs of the Metaverse-nft
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We believe that NFT collections are the most artistic foundation to create powerful communities based on common ownership and interests. Some of the lifestyle brands of tomorrow will be born in the Metaverse.

GOATs of the Metaverse is the RIGHTEOUS NFT collection of the CRYPTO ERA and rooted in RETRO VIBES. The GOATs are the keepers of style and the most powerful creatures since HE-MAN.

Chris Hülsbeck, a true GOAT of video game music and lifetime achievement award holder (G.A.N.G Awards) teamed up with the GOATs. He composed legendary soundtracks that are part of the history of gaming like Turrican and Giana Sisters.

  • Supply: 10000
  • Mint: 0.15 ETH

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