January 20, 2022

Scheduled Solana

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Created in the year 5070 just before the World War 3 broke out, Lunaroid, a Shape Shifting Samurai Masked Robot comes back to the city of Japan after it was thought to have been destroyed or captured by the enemy force.

Lunaroid was born as a 3D character, thus connecting the Lunaverse to the Metaverse is half way done. We have great plans for Lunaroid and ‘Lunaverse’ brands, and the team is constantly working on new ideas. Holding a Lunaroid will be mandatory to access the full potential of the Lunaverse.

  • Total: 8.888 available
  • Price: – SOL

Disclaimer is a community-driven, and anyone can submit their project to our website as long as it adheres to the terms of use. You have to do your own research and cross-check the validity of this project.

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