Mecha Cat Crew

04 Aug 2022-12:00 am (UTC

Mecha Cat Crew-nft
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Mecha Cat Crew is a project founded by artists. Our team is comprised solely of independent artists who share a love for cats. In the future, we hope to use our influence to showcase aspiring artists around the world.

Community is our number one priority. We value trust and mutual respect.

The year is 2080. The eccentric supergenius Kaida Command, founder of MECHA LABORATORIES INC., has risen to become one of the richest women in the world through her company’s innovations in AI and personal robotics technology. MECHA is a household name—providing everything from personal AI robo-butlers to line cooks to construction workers. Ms. Command knows her power and influence is great, but a catastrophic event is about to make her machines even more coveted. Suddenly, news breaks of an achingly familiar virus outbreak. It’s a total COVID-19 copycat, except scientists determine that dogs are the main asymptomatic carriers, and only cats can die from the virus. They call it CANINE-19, and the feline survival rate is predicted to be devastatingly low. Despite the world’s best efforts to protect its feline friends, the cat population drops significantly over the course of the year—and Ms. Command is one of the cat owners affected.

  • Supply: 4444
  • Mint: FREE

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