NFTmemeClub – Immortal Raffle

04 Aug 2022-04:00 pm (UTC)

NFTmemeClub – Immortal Raffle
Scheduled Ethereum

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NFTmemeClub was introduced by the blue-chip holders of BAYC, Moonbirds, Goblin, Punks, Doodles, and Mfers.

Members share a vision of building sustainable, decentralized communities together. As we unite, bright ideas come true, without excessive promotion, just PURE art and we are ready to sail with all the communities along the way, and other benefits will come in the next episode.

Chapter One – Immortal: Extracted from pure-love-brought, why people hurried to buy “jpegs”, and look back where you were in the bull, now in the bear?

Dude, you are in the graveyard called “spending on crap”. Yet, on the other side of death, you will be resurrected from Valhalla.

  • Supply: 4321
  • Mint: FREE

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