Non Fungible Miners

19 Mar 2022-04:00 am (UTC)

Non Fungible Miners-nft
Scheduled Ethereum

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The NFMs are powered by EziMining and propelled by $EZI token. We have been helping thousands of people purchase and deploy cryptocurrency miners over the past three years. However, the NFMs journey is much bigger. We are dedicated to helping millions discover the world of cryptocurrency mining, DeFi and Web 3.0 at a fraction of the cost.

The Genesis Non-Fungible Miners are 9,999 unique BTC miners living on the ERC blockchain with over 150 unique traits. The NFMs are entering the metaverse to lead the movement of decentralizing bitcoin mining. We are here to help everyone mine bitcoin.

  • Supply: 5.999
  • Price: 0.18 ETH

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